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Scene in China

This picture was taken behind our hotel 
in Hangzhou, China.  The early morning
was misty. 



Bubble Lake, Acadia National Park, Maine, 
summer, 2007

Bubble Lake


We stopped in the Tuolumne Meadows, high above Yosemite Valley, to wander in the beautiful high mountain meadows.  I looked to one side and saw this perfect picture postcard shot!

Yosemite - Tuolumne Meadows

Two chimneys standing, marking the footprint of a home long gone, with a lone tree casting a shadow across the winter landscape.


Old Home Place



First in a series of Old Home Place works.

A rail fence in Acadia National Park, Maine, and a tree from the western side of Indiana: two pictures, taken at different times, with no knowledge that the other would be taken, are combined here to create a mood.

Old Home Place 4

Fourth in a series of Old Home Place works.

While riding her bike in the Leaves of Lincoln ride last fall, my friend Nolen Clark spotted a couple of abandoned chimneys and told me where to find them.  Recently I drove up to Fayetteville (TN) and found the chimneys exactly as she had described them.  This one, on a curvy, hilly side road, becomes a part of my latest in the Old Home Place series.

Old Home Place 8

Eighth in a series of Old Home Place works.

A short stroll through the heart of Leiden, in the Netherlands, in October, 2006, yielded this typically Dutch canal, bridge, and windmill scene.  The sky was threatening with fall North Sea weather, and later that day, the rain poured down.


Canal and Windmill, Leiden

I rode my bike through the older part of Huntsville back in the fall, and on the square I came across this tree putting on a magnificent display in front of the old bank building by the Big Spring.

The Old Bank Building

The five finger canyons of the Kolob, on the west edge of Zion National Park, rise abruptly from the plain above Interstate 15 between St. George and Cedar City.  I was fortunate to find a small side road that afforded an overview of the area.

Finger Canyons of the Kolob
Zion National Park, Utah

A hanging slot canyon empties about 800 feet up one side of the main canyon of Zion National Park.  Near the exit, water has worn the rock into serpentine shapes.  We hiked a narrow trail, a ledge really, on the cliff face below to get up here.  Scary!

Slot Canyon Pools
Zion National Park, Utah

We arrived at the north rim of the Grand Canyon just as a thunderstorm was clearing the area and were treated to a rare view of clouds filling the canyon.

Grand Canyon with Clouds

My sister, her husband, and I went kayaking on Holmes Creek, in the Florida Panhandle.  Cypress Spring feeds into the creek via a scenic, shallow, swift run, but once you've paddled up the run to the bowl of the spring, you are surrounded by majestic cypress trees.  

This giant begins with its roots in the water and soars overhead.  I thought that the small branch just a few feet up its trunk looked as if it were a small cloud floating beneath the canopy.

I've developed my own "watercolor" technique in Photoshop and used it on this picture.

Cypress Spring, Florida

This is a view downstream on Holmes Creek, beneath a nearly-fallen tree.  That's my sister in her kayak.

Kayak on Holmes Creek, Florida

The city of Delft, in the Netherlands, originally had several gated entrances through its walls.  This is the only one remaining.  It is pictured in Johannes Vermeer's famous painting, "View of Delft."

Delft City Gate

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