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John Hubbard is a native of Alabama and, with the exception of five years in the Florida Panhandle, has lived in the state all his life.  His mother was a talented watercolor artist whose works were exhibited in the High Museum of Art in Atlanta .  Her paintings were always present as he grew up, creating a lasting impression of artistic style.

Educated as an Electrical Engineer, John served in the US Army and worked for The Boeing Company as a control system designer on the Saturn V moon rocket, then spent the remainder of his professional career with Intergraph as the company grew from 35 people to over 10,000.  John, his wife, Elaine, and several friends operated Huntsville ís first professional theatre company, Theatre ĎRound the Corner, from 1995-1999.

Throughout his life, John has enjoyed photography, and with the advent of high-quality digital cameras, he became interested in the manipulation of photos using Photoshop.  Johnís current works range from traditional landscapes to flowers to highly manipulated images that attempt to express the feelings found in the photo.  Regardless of the degree of manipulation, John always seeks to present the maximum message available in the image.