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As the title suggests, images on this page don't fit neatly into any of my other classifications.

A golfer blasts out of the sand in the final round of the Sherman Invitational Tournament at the Panama Country Club, Lynn Haven, FL.  I really pushed the shutter button at exactly the right time on this one!  I am not making this up - that ball was exactly as it appears in the picture.

               Sand Shot

This triptych combines landscape and underwater images that share a beautiful S-curve in common: a red rock canyon in the Kolob, pools in Zion canyon, and a giant clam in the Coral Sea.


The mighty Saturn V Moon Rocket is preserved
and displayed  in the Davidson Center
at the US Space & Rocket Center,
Huntsville, Alabama.
The five F-1 engines developed over
7.5 million pounds of thrust to prope
the Apollo missions to the moon.

The Saturn V F-1 Engines

Market, Valencia, Spain

Mooring Ring

Nice, France


A dove ran head-on into the window 
of my sun room and left his imprint 
on the glass.  
(It flew away, apparently unharmed.)

all images John Hubbard 2007, 2008, 2009

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