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Have a look, you'll find some unusual things here.

Obelisk, Jacksonville, Florida

Reichstag Memorial, Berlin


My son Rob is a major biker.  In fact, he was scheduled to participate in the Mount Washington, NH, hillclimb, but it was cancelled due to high winds at the top of the mountain.  This is my version of Rob on his Look time trial bike.


Time Trial

I'm a biker, too, although not in the same league with Rob.  Here I am, struggling up Cecil Ashburn Drive - the first hill of the Four Hills Century.  

Cecil Ashburn is about a 600 foot climb.  The KOM X marks the crest (and my thumping heart), with the red part of the map being the climb and the yellow, the downhill.



Top of Cecil Ashburn

A visit to the Arizona Memorial brought out some unexpected feelings and I had to write some haiku.  This image is loosely based on the turret mount of the Arizona beside the Memorial structure.


December 7, 1941

On the same visit, the ribs of the memorial itself suggest bleached bones of the dead, while the chapel entrance below suggests eternity.



Dream Wall
Lake of Dreams
In Lisbon, Portugal, the ancient Brill trolley cars climb the hills and navigate the narrow streets of the old town.  This trolley was nearing the top of the hill when I took the picture.  I imagined it to be ghost-like because of its age and setting.

Lisbon Tram 1

In Chattanooga, TN, the Walnut Street Bridge has been converted to a pedestrian bridge across the Tennessee River.


Early one morning, I saw drops of dew glistening on the grass in an interesting pattern.  Closer examination revealed that it was actually a spiderís web with the dewdrops adhering to it.  The industrious spider resided in a tunnel in the center of the web and came out to see what I was doing.  I photographed the web and dew several times, then decided to eliminate distracting elements to highlight the beauty of the dew.  

A Spiderís Lair


On board the cruise liner Infinity in Alaska, these supports for the windowed exterior caught my eye as they appear to carry on to infinity.


At the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway, the bow of the ship cast its shadow on the wall.

Viking Ship Bow

The roof structure over a galleria area in Berlin, Germany.


all images © John Hubbard 2007, 2008, 2009

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