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4/27/08 Automated Load Swapping Update

11/11/07 Automated Load Swapping

6/27/07 A canal barge and tuilips on the Inglenook

3/30/07 Bicycles on the Inglenook

3/6/07 Speakers for Viduta Timber Co.

2/9/07 Updated sound track

2/5/07 Speakers for the Inglenook sounds.

1/20/07 An ambient sound track for the Inglenook

1/14/07 The Shoebox Inglenook is complete!!

1/11/07 Experiments with three Bachman 0-4-0 chassis

1/6/07 The Cheese Shop and Wooden Shoe Factory get signage.

12/23/06 The Shoebox Inglenook nears completion

12/9/06 Chivers Baldwin gets a replacement motor

10/18/06 Cobblestone paving on the Inglenook

10/13/06 Wiring and control panel on the Shoebox Inglenook

10/11/06 Mockup and trackwork on the Shoebox Inglenook

8/26/06 Progress on the Viduta Timber Company (formerly The Next Layout)

7/14/06 The AHM Baldwin is nearly done!

6/21/06 Front Pilot for the AHM Baldwin

6/20/06 Rear coupler for the AHM Baldwin

6/14/06 Front coupler and pilot for the AHM Baldwin

6/1/06 A new addition to the Motive Power roster

5/26/06  The AHM Baldwin gets a paint job

5/23/06  Chassis mods on the Chivers Baldwin conversion

5/17/06  Test fitting the details on the AHM Baldwin

5/14/06  The AHM Baldwin gets handrails, sunshades, etc.

5/09/06  The AHM Baldwin gets larger steam cylinders

3/24/06  Some real weight for the AHM Baldwin


Terrain is forming on The Next Layout
Converting an AHM Baldwin to a LifeLike 0-6-0 chassis

2/14/06  Switchbacks and water channel on The Next Layout

2/1/06  Dual gauge track on The Next Layout

1/26/06  The Next Layout gets some roadbed

1/18/06  All-foam support structure for the Next Layout

1/16/06  Fitting track on the Next Layout

1/13/06  A new look at the Next Layout
Baldwin remotoring complete.

1/01/06  Work begins on a Chivers Baldwin conversion - first, a Nigel Lawton remotoring kit.
The Climax gets a crew.

12/01/05  The Climax nears completion - metal roof, siphon hose, and firewood.

11/26/05  A spark arrestor for the Climax.

11/21/05  The Climax gets a roof and siphon piping.

11/13/05  Weathering the Climax

11/04/05  The Monte Sano RR gets a steam dummy!

10/28/05  Steam engine and piping in place.

10/25/05  Steam cylinders and piping start to take shape.

10/21/05  Some paint and details on the Climax.

9/05/05  The Climax gets sideboards and roof supports.

6/21/05 The Climax gets handrails for the water tank end.

6/12/05 Tropical Storm Arlene keeps me indoors, so the Climax gets some stake pockets

5/13/05 A flatcar is added to the rolling stock

5/10/05 Work starts on the Class A Climax

1/3/05 The Egger-Bahn and the Plymouth meet on the trestle

1/2/05 Flyaround view of the Monte Sano Railroad Layout

1/1/05 Americanized Egger Bahn loco on the layout

12/30/04 Cabelet Spring scene is improved

10/08/04  Stone moves on the conveyor to the cars.

9/18/04  The stone crusher scene comes together

9/7/04  Some work on the Shoebox Inglenook

4/13/04  Bell, whistle, and pilots

4/11/04  The Egger Bahn pilots with MT couplers

3/23/04  Detailed pictures of the Plymouth coupler installation

3/22/04  Egger Bahn decoupler for the Shoebox Inglenook

3/22/04  A toolbox and some tiny tools for both locos

3/19/04 The Plymouth diesel is finished!

3/18/04 The Plymouth diesel is painted

3/18/04 The Egger-Bahn cab is repainted

2/19/04 The Egger-Bahn gets smokebox and cab paint

2/18/04 The Egger-Bahn gets spark arrestor

2/16/04 The Egger-Bahn gets a headlight and a coal bunker

2/15/04 More work on the Egger-Bahn loco

2/13/04 New Dome arrangement on the Egger-Bahn loco

12/23/03 A portable boiler to provide steam for the rock crusher scene

12/16/03 A suggestion for "The Next Layout" from Larry Smith

12/15/03 A steam engine for the rock crusher scene

12/10/03 A new design from Jon Song°ygard for "The Next Layout"

12/06/03 Revised version of "The Next Layout"

A Christmas micro layout

12/5/03 More work on the Plymouth "critter"

11/18/03 Making a Plymouth "critter"

11/5/03    bonus kitbashed cars 

Shoebox Inglenook    (click button above)

11/11/03 Work starts on Americanizing the Egger-Bahn

10/30/03 Cabelet Spring scene

10/27/03 the trestle gets some bracing

10/22/03 ballast...

10/20/03 the track is laid!

10/20/03 video of the Egger-Bahn on track

10/19/03 the ravine gets some vegetation and the trestles are in place

10/14/03 a view of the stones under the trestle

10/14/03    a plethora of 4 wheelers 

10/14/03 Two AHM Baldwins join the roster

10/12/03 stones from the actual site

9/18/03 exposed styrofoam covered and stained

9/14/03 decisions on finishing the exposed styrofoam

9/7/03 the moonshine still gets some copper piping

9/03/03 the line gets a gondola

9/1/03 the still is located in a grove near the spring

8/29/03 a moonshine still

8/28/03 added a page on steam dummies

8/23/03 water features

8/18/03 test fitting the trestle at the front of the ravine

8/16/03 the big ravine gets a trestle at the upper end

8/13/03 trees! & I split the construction into two pages.

8/11/03 some ground cover added

8/10/03 rock outcrops get color

8/10/03 the little caboose gets an update

8/8/03 surface texture and rock outcrops 

8/3/03 added pictures of scenes to be modeled

8/2/03   the terrain gets some plaster cloth added

7/26/03 added photo of Egger-Bahn loco on the oval

7/26/03 added photos of Plymouth and Egger-Bahn locos