Railroad Links

Two sites have inspired my efforts the most:

Carl Arendt's Micro/Small Layouts for Model Railroads - just in case you think you don't have enough space for a layout.  His Small Layout Scrapbook and Micro Layout Links will take you on a "micro journey" across the internet.

The Yahoo! HOn30 Group - you will have to join to see much on this site, but it is free if you are interested.  Many helpful narrow gauge modelers here.


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Two other sites have provided much help:

Small Layout Design, a Dutch site

And another Yahoo! group is really helpful:  The Small Layout Design Group.


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I really got started after seeing:

Jim Wanlass' Jamestown Express - a personal site.

There are only a few hobby shops that regularly stock HOn30 supplies.  So far, my experience is limited to one:

And, I have found "Big Al from Cal" not only has a great stock of HOn30 stuff, but he gives very good advice as well.  Al runs the 
B & F Hobby Shop
in Bakersfield, CA.

As I was building the Monte Sano Railroad, I needed some trees.  I came across Lynn Gobin's very informative article on line and asked him if he would let me reproduce it here:

Lynn Gobin's article on making trees is great, and he allowed me to reproduce it here (see Tree Tips under Construction).  His web site for his new layout, the Zumbro Valley and Western, is a great place to visit.

Some Japanese modelers have built some truly amazing little layouts.

This site is in Japanese; but you can click on things and still see the pictures.  Or, you can use AltaVista's Babel Fish translator to get a fair rendering in English (or other language of your choice).  Don't miss Moro's Can.

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