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This is the story of my adventure in HOn30 model railroading.

The Monte Sano Railroad was my first micro layout - a pizza, really. 

The Shoebox Inglenook was my second.  For a 13 inch by 5 inch layout, it taught me much, including printed buildings and ambient sound techniques.

The Viduta Timber Company is my third micro.  It's just about four square feet and represents a fictitious switchback logging operation on the slopes of Monte Sano in north Alabama.  Really it's a playground for my HOn30 Class A Climax locomotive.

Along the way, I've made  locomotives to suit the layout or to suit myself.  I've "Americanized" an Egger-Bahn 0-4-0, kitbashed an AHM Baldwin locomotive shell onto a LifeLike 0-6-0 chassis, built a Class A Climax from a Mark Rollins kit, "critterized" an AHM Plymouth switcher, and I'm working on a Chivers Baldwin conversion on a Bachman 0-4-0 chassis.

Rolling stock is limited, as I haven't needed much so far.  But I've made a few interesting items, so check it out.

The menu buttons above will take you to pages about each of these activities, and the What's New? button will take you to a list of site additions in chronological order.

Enjoy the site!


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