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Of the first three proposals, I have been favoring the design proposed by Art Papaynanopulos, although I think I would try to rotate the Richmond Barrel building 90 degrees counter-clockwise to allow the standard gauge track to lead to the rear, join the narrow gauge track in a dual gauge configuration, and disappear into the tunnel.

More later...

12/10/03 With the late entry from Jon Song°ygard, my decision has become more difficult.  I shall have to ponder the merits of both Art and Jon's designs.

12/6/03 Here is a somewhat crudely drawn revision of Art's work, showing my proposed revision:

1/13/06  Wow! This project has stagnated for quite a while.  But, I started thinking about it again recently, and, when looking back at the ideas I received and my drawing above, I realized that dual gauge track to the loading dock of the barrel factory can be accomplished without any dual gauge turnouts if I keep the third rail on the outside.  And, there seems to be space in the upper left corner, way back in the tunnel, for a standard gauge storage/fiddle track (could be dual gauge with a dual gauge turnout) where the Barrel Car can hide between appearances.  So, below is the second version.

Since I'm now doing actual work on this project, I've moved the construction descriptions and pictures to a new page - see Construction above.

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