Conklin P4S

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This particular pen's imprinted model number seems to be P4S, but from everything I've read, this does not seem to be a valid number.  However, it is a short (pocket) pen with a Conklin Toledo 4 nib.

This pen is made of black hard rubber with no chasing.  The cap is imprinted "Unscrew" with an arrow. The cap band is engraved with the original owner's initials "BMS" in Old English font.  The nib is a Conklin Toledo 4 with considerable flex, from fine to broad.

When I received this pen, it was rather badly oxidized, being mostly a dull brown with the exception of the part of the barrel and section covered by the cap.  This is a "before" picture.

I realize that re-blackening of oxidized hard rubber pens is a controversial subject among pen collectors, but I don't care to leave a pen in such a degraded condition, so I use Pensbury Manor Potion No. 9 to re-blacken.  Here is the same pen after re-blackening.  I can detect no degradation in the imprints.

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