Conklin Gold Overlay
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I have two Conklin Crescent Fillers with gold overlays.  The first is completely covered except for the section and barrel threads, while the second has a filigree overlay that exposes portions of the hard rubber barrel and cap.  Neither is marked with a model number, but both are of the size of the 25P pens.
Complete gold overlay

This pen is a 25P size pen is in excellent condition except that it is missing the ring for the ringtop.  When I purchased it, there was no nib, so I later fitted it with an appropriate Conklin Toledo 2 nib that is a true "wet noodle" with flex from fine to broad.  It is a really great writer and challenges me to learn to use that flex better.  The pen is inscribed "Emily" so this was her pen.

Gold Filigree

This pen has a beautiful art deco overlay.  It is currently at a repair shop having a cracked section repaired and being fitted with a Conklin Toledo 2 nib that was re-tipped by Greg Minuskin.  It's lock ring is not complete, missing one end, but is still functional.

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