Conklin 30P
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This Conklin model 30P is a Black Chased Hard Rubber pen with a pocket clip and a 1/4" gold cap band.  The nib is a Conklin Toledo 3 fine with some flex.  The hardware shows no brassing and the pen has no significant gouges or dings.  The 30P model number indicates a size 3 pen & nib, the 0 a standard (not slim) size 3 barrel, and the P a short/pocket pen.  The nib is a Conklin Toledo 3, fine with some flex.

The crescent is imprinted on only one side which, as I understand it, indicates an earlier, pre 1919, production date.

This pen was oxidized, although not badly, when I acquired it, and I chose to re-blacken it with Pensbury Manor Potion No. 9.  

This is the pen as it was when I acquired it.  You can clearly see where the cap protected the section and top of the barrel from oxidation.  The pen was brown.

This is the pen after re-blackening.

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