Team Redneck Proposed Jerseys

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Next generation Team Redneck Jersey, with a stylized American flag, the TR logo, our Git 'er Done motto on the right (blue) sleeve, and a special "swoosh" on the left sleeve with four stars commerating our four members who will be competing in the Senior Olympics this summer.  

The colors are the same shades used in the first generation jersey, so will work with other TR accessories.

A link to the Champion Systems sizing chart is below.  We have found that their sizes are very consistent with standard commercial sizes.  We can mix race cut , club cut, and women's cut jerseys in the same order.

Note that all of our current jerseys are Club Cut.

Here's the first generation Team Redneck jersey, modeled by Tom Terrific Tenbrunsel



Team Redneck in Turmoil!

(VeloNews) -  VeloNews has learned that Team Redneck is in disarray over a recently discovered picture of Redneck member Jeff Cook aka Joltiní Jeff  (JJ) in bed with teammate Tom Terrificís significant other.  Joltiní Jeff, while admitting to  a  liaison denies being with Tomís  Miss Orbea and claims that he was with, as he characterized it, ďa low grade substitute ď who he will only identify as a Miss Schwinn.   Our informant offered VeloNews more intimate photos but declined  as we are a family publication.  Just prior to going to press Miss Schwinn claimed JJ as the father of her soon to be born little tyke (or as she says trike).  Joltiní Jeff hasnít decided whether to take a paternity test. Team Redneck will meet this Wednesday to consider sanctions against JJ to include banning him from using their training facilities located in Brownsboro, Al.

Jilted Tenbrunsel Replies...

Joltin' Jeff - You have topped all!  And to boot you duped me stonewalling me when I came to pick up my significant other today at the Team Redneck Training/Storage/ Care Facility!  Now I am really worried whether this shinny red, white and black "Miss Orbea  Ordu" with sexy Reynolds wheels is really my dear sweet girl or was there a switch-a-roonie made and I have some cheap imitation!  I think I'm gonna call BB for some psychiatric help, not that I need it or anything!
Oh, and that scaddalous photo, with wine and everything!!!  When Velo News contacted me just after I got home with what I think is the real "Miss Orbea," I explained that there was no truth to the rumor and that it was just tabloid stuff and the photo was airbrushed by Jersey John!  An investigation is underway by Mighty Mickey and the TR Ethics and Authenticity Committee to determine if indeed Miss Orbea have been violated.
Team Member Deadly Dave, disgusted, says "Iím calling DHR! "

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