A Bonus Surprise!

When I converted the Parkside Dundas gondola to American style archbar trucks, I had the original UK style bogies left over.  I noticed that the bogies were very similar to the chassis for the 4-wheel AHM and Egger-Bahn cars.  See the picture below, with the bogie on the left and the AHM chassis on the right:

I decided to see what I could do with the bogies to get a couple of bonus cars from the kit.  Andreas Schoenfeld provided me with some Bemo couplers, and here is the result:

Coupler Support Bracket from P-D kit                  Bemo coupler added on support

Coupled to AHM chassis             Two different versions of Bemo couplers, the nearer one with home made loops.

Left, AHM   Center and Right, bogies with two different Bemo couplers

This page last modified 01/15/2007