Submarine HL Hunley

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The Confederate submarine H.L Hunley was the first submersible to sink an enemy vessel in combat.  The model pictured below is a slightly modified 1/72 scale resin kit from 12 Squared of Egan, MN.  The kit was made before the Hunley was raised from its watery grave, so it did not include several significant differences found after the recovery.  I have only modified the rudder mechanism and the torpedo boom to more accurately represent the actual vessel.  For up-to-date info on the Hunley, visit the Friends of the Hunley web site.

The scene depicted in this display is intended to recreate the well-known painting by Conrad Wise Chapman of the Hunley sitting on a dock in Charleston harbor, guarded by two men.  To see the painting and a sketch also by Chapman, click here.


Painting and sketch by Conrad Wise Chapman


This excellent painting by Mort Kunstler depicts the Hunley as its crew prepares to board for its final mission - to sink the Housitanic.

The Final Mission
Mort Kunstler

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