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Padron Cigars frequently come in smaller boxes and I have re-purposed several of them for pen storage.  They are very well made and do not need any exterior work other than getting Surgeon General Warning stickers off, etc.  The interiors are interesting to work with.  I have made single and double decker arrangements.

Padron Family Reserve Double Decker - SOLD

Padron Delicias - one available

I can get this style box fairly often, so if you are interested in either a single or double-decker version, email me.

Here's a little double-decker with a slightly different arrangement.  It has a removable tray in the top that has individual green felt-lined compartments for five pens.   Removing the tray, using its ribbon lifts, reveals a lower compartment about  3/4" deep that can be used for storage of cartridges, syringes for refilling cartridges, spare converters, or other pen paraphernalia.  At the request of the buyer, I added dividers in the bottom compartment to convert this to a ten pen capacity.  

This little Padron Family Reserve box is only 7" x 5" x 2". 

Here's the single decker version of the same box.  As shown, it will hold six pens.  You can see a MB 149 and some other large pens are nicely accomodated.
The Padron Delicias is made similarly to the box above, but is much wider.  it measures 9 3/4" x 5 3/4" x 1 1/2" and can hold 6 pens of up to 9" long.

COST: $15 plus shipping

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