My Father
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The My Father Toro is nicely made.  I will add magnetic closure.  It measures 9 1/4" x 7" x2" and can hold 10 pens up  to 6 1/4" long.

COST: $20 plus shipping  - 1 AVAILABLE

The My Father Le Bijou is a bit on the gaudy side, but it is very nicely made.

COST: $20 plus shipping - 1 AVAILABLE

The My Father Super Gordo (what a name!) is perfect for desktop pen and ink storage.  The ink compartment on the left will hold six normal sized bottles (three Montblanc, no Noodler's).  The lift-out pen tray holds three pens.  Those pictured are a kit pen, an Acme Leonardo da Vinci, and a Montegrappa, and they are not included.  The compartment under the pen tray will hold shorter ink bottles such as the J Herbin pictured or miscellaneous stuff of your choice.  I had not added a ribbon lift to the pen tray when these pictures were taken.  The bottom of the box is covered with 2 mm foam for non-skid/non-marring.  The box measures 8" wide by 7" front to back by 3 1/2" deep.

This particular box is relatively scarce, but I will be looking for other boxes to be fitted similarly.

Price: Normally $40, but the top on this box is "blotchy" in appearance, so $35 plus shipping -SOLD

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