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BrickHouse Sampler - SOLD

BrickHouse Robusto - SOLD

BrickHouse Corona Larga - 1 AVAILABLE

BrickHouse Churchill - 2 AVAILABLE

BrickHouse Mighty Mighty - 1 AVAILABLE

The BrickHouse boxes are all very similar, all the same price, all can be double decked, only the dimensions vary a little.  Email me if you are interested.


I recently converted three small BrickHouse Sampler boxes into pen cases for four pens.  The boxes are lined with microfibre suede and fitted with magnetic closure.  No more of these boxes are available right now, perhaps later.

Cost $15 including shipping in the USA - SOLD (for now)

The BrickHouse Robusto box is very well made of wood stained red, and trimmed in a traditional cigar box edging.  It measures 8 1/4" x 6" x 3" and I have fitted it with a tray so that it can hold up to 14 pens in two decks.  The top tray will hold six pens up to 7" long and the bottom compartment will hold six pens up to 6" long plus two pens up to 5" long.  The tray is fitted with ribbon lifts for ease of access to your pens.  As with all my boxes, the bottom is covered with a foam non-skid/non-scratch surface.

Cost $20 plus shipping - Three SOLD, I may have more of these soon.

The Corona Larga is made of the same materials as the Robusto above, but has different dimensions.  It measures 7 1/2" x 7" x 2 1/2" and can hold 7 pens of up to 7" length.  It could be double decked at extra cost.

COST: $15 single deck, $20 double deck, plus shipping.

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