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Pyramides - 1 AVAILABLE

Sampler - SOLD

Lancaster (pocket sized) - SOLD (see Customer Pix for the owner's pens in this pretty little case)

The Sampler is a small cigar box having five pockets pre-cut in the interior for a selection of Davidoff cigars.  I lined the bottom and sides of the pockets with green felt and stained the interior to match the exterior.  I also lined the lid with the same green felt so that the pens can't touch anything other than felt.

This box will only hold smaller pens as you can see from the Eversharp Skylines in the bottom right picture.  The second pen from the right is a standard size Skyline, while the others are all demi.

Cost: $20 plus shipping - SOLD.

I don't expect to get any more of this style box, as it was a special edition.

The Lancaster is something a little different.  It is a tin, and it is tiny, measuring 4 3/4" x 3" x 3/4" - it can fit in a pocket.  Its size limits what it can hold, but four small pens (up to 4 1/2" capped) are well protected in it.  The pen tray is flocked (velvety), the inside of the box is lined with felt, and there is a thickly padded microfibre "tongue"  to protect the pens while allowing the deep red color of the inside of the lid to show.  

The pictures below show what sorts of pens will fit.  First, four Conklin Crescent Fillers: three model 25P and one 30P.  Next, two Waterman 52 1/2 V another RMHR ringtop, and an Esterbrook Purse Pen. 

It will fit in my shirt pocket. 

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