Romeo y Julieta
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So far I have only done one Romeo y Julieta box.  It is a paper covered box with wood core - good construction.  I have added a ribbon opening pull, three rare earth closure magnets, and a foam bottom for non-skid/non-scratch.  The box is fitted with a golden flocked tray that will hold 9 pens, with three up to 7 1/4" long, three up to 6 1/4", and three up to 5 3/8".  In the picture below you will see a MB 149, a Sheaffer Snorkel, a Sheaffer Oversize Balance, a Skyline standard and an unknown pen also 5 3/8" long.  The box measures 10 1/2" by 7 3/4" by 1 1/2".

Cost $20 including shipping in the USA - SOLD

Left to right, MB 149, Sheaffer Snorkel, Sheaffer OS Balance, Eversharp Skyline standard, unknown 5 3/8" pen

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