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Carrillo packages their cigars in very nice boxes with a good outside finish and hardware.  Here are two that I have re-purposed for fountain pen storage.

Black Box in a Velvet Envelope - SOLD

Inaugural Edition Box - SOLD


I recently came across a very beautiful cigar box.  It is gloss black on the outside and fits into a velvet envelope.  It features high quality hinges and the interior was unfinished but high quality bare wood.  I decided to go with a "minimalist" interior to avoid clashing with the generally high class look of the box.  I used beige felt to line the bottom and sides and made felt-covered dividers in the same color.  I also added a pair of small rare earth magnets as catches for the lid.  It holds ten pens.

I could have covered the inside of the lid with felt so that the pens could never touch wood, but thought it was too pretty to cover up.  I may add a loose flap to protect the pens.

This box was sold recently.

Carrillo Inaugural Edition Box -SOLD

This box measures 6 1/2" by 9" by 1 1/2".  It holds eleven pens of a maximum length of 5 1/2" capped.  It has brass hinges and catch and the tray is flocked in green.  The sides of the box are lined in matching green felt.  I did not line the lid because it is quite pretty, but could do so if that is desirable.

Cost: $30 USD, including shipping in the USA.

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