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Montechristo provides their cigars in a variety of boxes.  To date, I have only used one for pen storage.

Montechristo Tin Cigar Box


Montechristo Tin Cigar Box - SOLD

This box is unique in my collection.  Rather than wood or paper, it is metal.  I fitted out the interior with a non-traditional sort of pen holder.  Each pen location is lined with soft foam, as is the entire interior.  The inside height of the box is small enough that pens do not slip out of their slots even when shaken or inverted.  The pens are also easier to grasp than when in a deep individual compartment.   I hope you like the unusual look of this one.  The lid snaps closed and I added a ribbon pull for ease of opening.  I did not cover the entire bottom surface with foam or felt, as is my usual practice, but put four "feet" in the corners to prevent scratching or sliding.  This leaves the unusual metal surface exposed for viewing.  This box measures 10" wide by 7" by 1" and holds eleven pens.

Cost: $25 including shipping in the USA - SOLD


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