Christmas Train
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A while back, I spotted and won a Burger King Anastasia train set on ebay.  My intent was to create a portable Christmas train layout and surprise my wife with it.  Well, recently she said that she wanted to get out her Dickens Village and other ceramic buildings and display them at Christmas.  She was trying to decide where to put them.  I thought that the little train would fit in nicely, so I suggested that we build a hillside on the hearth and into the fireplace; and I showed her the Anastasia train.  She went for the idea, and here is the result:
This is not nearly all of the buildings, they spread to the left and right on the hearth and all across the mantlepiece.  The train is in the foreground (naturally).
Here is the train layout.  Some of her smaller buildings fit right with it.  Would you believe that the building on the right, inside the oval, is labeled "Train Station"

The Anastasia set is more or less HO scale.

This page last updated 01/26/2008

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