HOn30 Lines

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Welcome to HOn30 Lines, an irregular e-magazine about HOn30 model railroading.  If you have an interesting article about your HOn30 experience that you'd like to have published, please let me know.

To submit an idea or article, email me: john@jehubbard.com

You are also invited to visit John Hubbard's web site about his HOn30 modeling.  Click Here.

NEWS!  My article on Layout Sound appears in the May issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine.

The first article for the NEW HOn30 LInes is a now-to "New Life for a HOn30 AHM Baldwin."

A second article, this the first of two parts, shows how to "Scratchbuild a HOn30 Work Car"

A third article, uses the chassis from the second article as the basis for a Steam Pump Car.

After some time, a fourth article continues the building of steam pump cars with some new boilers.

The fifth article shows the creation of a water tank car on the basic chassis.

January 2008, the sixth article: describes how I built a small spark arrestor for two locomotives.