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Boxes are sorted by brand name - these pages have currently available boxes on them.
GALLERY leads to boxes that have been sold - kept here as examples.
CUSTOMER PIX leads to photos sent by customers

As of October 28, I am back to work and will be updating this site with available boxes right away.  Please email me if you are interested in a box shown here or have any other pen and/or ink storage needs.

I enjoy re-purposing cigar boxes into fountain pen storage.  Many of my boxes are wooden with "brass" hinges and latches, but some are wood core with paper covering and a few are metal.  In some cases the boxes have had cigar trays suitable for use as pen trays, in other cases I have used "corrugated" flocked sheet that can be cut to fit the box, while in still others I have made dividers from a variety of materials.  Each box presents a new challenge and no two are alike. 

All of the pens in my collection are stored in such boxes, but others that I have made are available for sale.  The boxes are presented by brand of cigar that they once contained.

If you are interested in any box(es), please email me.

The GALLERY button above leads to pages of boxes that I have made and sold and that are currently not available.  I have kept the pages on the site so that you can see examples of past work.  Some of these were one of a kind, while others may become available again.

New items on the site

Perdomo Petit Corona

Two boxes from Avo Uvezian

Several boxes from Arturo Fuente, one very good for ink storage (see below)

A tin from Zino


UPDATE: I have found some cigar boxes that are quite well suited for storage of bottles of ink or miscellaneous pen-related items.  

Currently I have the Oliva "48 Special G" , the La Gloria Cubana "Generoso", and  the Arturo Fuente Flor Fina, on hand, but I will get more of the others as they become available.

Arturo Fuente Flor Fina             LFD Air Bender        Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur  

La Gloria Cubana "Generoso"      Macanudo Toro 

    Oliva 48 Special G           Baccarat Luchadores             LFD Double Ligero


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