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I have collected several "Ford's" branded fountain pens, pencils, and combos.  These are distinctly different than the Ford's patent pen made in the UK, but I have been unable to determine what company manufactured them or for whom they were made.  If anyone visiting this page has any information, I'd like to hear from you.

There are three varieties: Ford's, Ford's Deluxe, and Ford's Jr.  I do not have an example of the Deluxe.  Within the Ford's and Ford's Jr. varieties, there are several sub-types.

All of the pens appear to use the same section, feed, and Warranted 14K number 4 nib.

Below are some pictures with notes on the various sub-types.  

Ford's Pens and Pencil

Ford's Jr. pens and pencil and Ford's combos

Three different type fonts are used on the clips.  The Ford's pens and combos use fonts as follows:

Type I pens - a script font similar to the Ford Motor Company script

Type II  and III pens and combos - a Pica style serif font

The Ford's Jr. pens and pencil use fonts as follows:

Type I - Pica style serif font like Type II and III Ford's pens

Type IIa - Pica style font

Type IIb - all capital san serif font running top to bottom on the clip

Pencil - all capital san serif font running top to bottom and with JUNIOR spelled out

Type II (left) and Type I (right) fonts

Ford's Jr. fonts

Type I, Type IIa, Type IIb

Ford's Jr. san serif fonts

Pen Type IIb, Pencil

I've added two more Ford's writing instruments to my collection.  First, I got a "combo" fountain pen and pencil in blue and gold marbled celluloid.  This has the same cap, section, and nib as the larger fountain pens above.
More recently, I added another Ford's Jr. fountain pen, but this one is really different than any of those above.  The body and cap are a different shape and it is, I believe, made from a celluloid tube rather than turned from stock.  It is very thin and transparent.  I don't know if this places it earlier or later than those above.  This is not a picture I took, and there were ink stains in the cap which are now gone.  I'll replace the picture later.  The font on the clip is the same as the Ford's Jr. above.
Ford's Deluxe - Is this a lower-priced Artcraft?

My most recent Ford's pen is my first Ford's Deluxe.  To my surprise, it is a larger pen than the Ford's and Ford's Jr. pens, and it matches my later Artcraft pens in dimensions, but not in the quality of the hardware.  Here's a comparison picture of the Deluxe, in the center, with two Artcrafts flanking it.

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