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This box is quite rare and is extremely well-suited to pen storage.  I use it myself, so it is not for sale.

A few years ago, CAO offered its cigars in a box with four drawers.  This box has become much prized by collectors and is difficult to find at a reasonable price.  I happened to get one for a good price (maybe not all that reasonable...).  I sanded and varnished the exterior, with a good rub with 0000 steel wool between coats, and did the same to the drawers.  The drawers also required a little fitting, plus a good coat of wax to ensure smooth operation.

Here's the box open.  Note that I made two different types of drawer dividers.  The two bottom drawers are done entirely with felt, including the dividers, but the top two are a variation on the second Oliva box.  The dividers are basswood strips with felt glued to the sides.  I couldn't decide which I liked best, so I made two of each.

Below left: the two different types of trays.  All felt on the top, wooden dividers with felt edging on the bottom.  Height of the dividers is about the same.

Below right: Here it is loaded with Sheaffer and Eversharp Skyline pens and a couple of matching pencils.  Total capacity is twenty.

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