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CAO offers its cigars in a variety of unusual boxes.  Many are made for only a short time, or for a special purpose, and are not made again.  Boxes like this one are one-offs and will never be available again.

This box is SOLD.

Recently CAO offered a commemorative collection of its various cigars, along with a DVD about their cigar making.  It's an unusual box, with a split top and internal dividers sized for its cigar collection.  There was no latch, so I used 1/8" diameter rare earth magnets rather than add a latch on the top which would interfere with stacking another box on this one.  

On the right you can see two of the tiny magnets embedded in the side of the box.

The box, closed.  I stained this box with Minwax stain, then used several coats of polyurethane rub-on varnish with 0000 steel wool between coats.

On the right, the box, half open with my Ford's pen, pencil, and combo collection.  You can see two of the magnets on either side of the box.

Below, left, the box, fully open and empty.  I added the felt lining on the sides of the built-in dividers and in the bottom of the box.

Below, right, the box open with my Ford's collection.

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