Bachman Chassis


The N Scale Bachman 0-4-0 is a favorite chassis for HOn30 conversions.  I'm using it for my Chivers Baldwin and for a future Forney project.  The chassis for the Chivers project is upgraded with a remotoring kit from Nigel Lawton.  The chassis for the Forney currently retains the stock Bachman motor but has a NWSL flywheel added for smoother running (I am following the article that appeared in Model Railroader back in 1998).  Both of these are based on the most recent version of the Bachman 0-4-0, now out of production (a new, improved version is expected in 2008).

I also have one of the "old" Bachman chassis, which from the outside differs by sporting modern valve gear, modeled in plastic, vs the older style implied by the newer version, which has metal side and main rods.  The "old" chassis also has metal internal gears vs the plastic gears of the newer one.

After considerable tuning efforts by Matt Coleman and me, I ran all three of these chassis on pure DC on a short test track.  The Lawton remotored chassis runs very fast, but also will run the slowest of the three at very low voltages.  The newer chassis with the stock motor and flywheel gave the impression of smoothest running of the three, but would not run as slowly as the Lawton-motored one.  The "old" chassis ran quite well, with little or no rocking or lurching - good enough to use for sure.

Left to right: Lawton remotored chassis, stock chassis with flywheel, "old" stock chassis.

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