8/23/03 Rock outcrops found on Monte Sano usually seeped water.  I have added some seeps in the "big cut" and into the ravine.  I painted the dark areas with Floquil Grimy Black, then added water using Elmers Glue.  The water really does not show in these pictures.
The spring and the little runoff from it are also getting some water.  The spring pool will get more (this Woodland Scenics water goes on in thin layers, with 24 hours between layers).  More on this later.
8/29/03 Every 1800s Southern mountain has a moonshine still somewhere...this Woodland Scenics still will be placed near the spring for a good source of water.
9/1/03 The moonshine still is concealed in a little grove of trees beside the spring.  Pretty soon, the stone crusher will be on the ledge to the left front and the moonshiner will be able to supply the workers with a little hooch.
9/7/03 I have removed the trees around the still temporarily so that I could add some copper tubing.  You can see the spring pool in the foreground and the rock ledge on which the stone crusher will be located in the background.

9/14/03 I have decided how I will finish the exposed styrofoam exterior of the layout.  Yesterday, I used the Woodland Scenics plaster cloth to cover the surfaces, and, after it dries, I will cover it with the Mold a Scene, then tint that a light grey with diluted india ink.  I have been pleased with the durability of the Mold a Scene once it has a chance to really harden.

Also, I think I will cut a plywood base, perhaps just a little larger than the footprint of the styrofoam, and attach it to the bottom of the layout.

9/18/03 Picture added.  No plywood base yet.

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