The Monte Sano Railroad only had one locomotive, a 26 ton Baldwin steam dummy.  Since I started the micro layout with the Monte Sano line in mind, I thought it would be interesting to research steam dummies a little to see if maybe I could model one to run as a somewhat more authentic alternative to the Plymouth diesel and Egger-Bahn steam loco.  I posted a query on the HOn30 Yahoo! group and two guys provided me with very detailed information.   Some of what they shared is shown below:

Update: Mark Newton examined the none-too-clear pictures of the Monte Sano Railroad's steam dummy and has confirmed that is was a Baldwin.  Here are two pictures Mark has annotated with the Baldwin characteristics..


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Pictures and drawings from Mark Newton, Sydney, Australia

30inchporter.jpg (168320 bytes)                nswgtdummy1.jpg (407532 bytes)                blwdummy5.jpg (87810 bytes)

30" gauge Porter               NSWGT Baldwin            Early Canadian dummy
made for Japan        drawn by Mark Newton      Hamilton & Dundas

Standard Gauge Porter.jpg (437979 bytes)                   blwdummy1.jpg (119426 bytes)                   blwdummy6.jpg (113101 bytes)

Porter 042T                        NSWGT Baldwin                    NSWGT Baldwin
wide gauge for Texas          pullling doubledecker              retired to logging


Stephen Pinkham of Holland, Michigan, supplied several images and suggested the use of the Kato power unit as the basis for a dummy.  This unit is very low profile and could probably be hidden inside a dummy rather well.  Here is a picture he supplied of the Kato unit:

And, the Monte Sano RR now has a working dummy.  It's an Egger-Bahn Firey Elias.