Up Double Ligero Double Press Salomones Air Bender
This is a truly unique box and I have not completed work on it yet, but I want you to see it.  It is huge and, yes, it is fan-shaped.  It measures 18" along the front edge, 10" along the back edge, 10" from front to back, and 2" deep.  The black flocked tray has slots for ten pens.  It would make a great display of large pens.   

I have stained the box with Minwax stain and applied three coats of hand-rubbed varnish.  The original insert is in the box which held cigars in a fanned-out array, and I intend to leave that for pens.  I will be adding some nice catches for the lid and covering the bottom with foam.

If you are interested, email me.

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