I acquired my AHM Plymouth diesel as part of a Minitrains set way back in the 60s and never used it, so it is in mint condition.  I really wanted to have a well-used "critter" loco, though, and took Al Sandrini's advice to buy a F&C Plymouth body.  It fits the AHM chassis/mechanism perfectly.  I also consulted with Peter Bartlett about how best to add MicroTrains couplers to it.

My decision was to make the two chassis and body pieces totally interchangable; giving me four possible configurations:

1. Stock AHM body and chassis (loop and hook couplers)

2. AHM body on F&C chassis with MT couplers

3. F&C body on F&C chassis with MT couplers

4. F&C body on AHM chassis with loop and hook couplers

Below are some pix of the work in progress:

The F&C body gets handrails
The F&C chassis on the AHM mechanism with MT couplers

If you have questions about the coupler installation, click here

The F&C body and chassis (many details to be added yet)
The AHM body on the F&C chassis.
12/05/03 Safety Tread on the running boards.  I know it is hard to see in this picture; but it is there...
Sun shades on the side windows and a roof hatch with open cover cut in the roof.
3/18/04 A coat of Monte Sano RR Green and now it is time for window glazing and the details, horn, air intake, and exhaust pipe - but I really have to let the paint dry first.
3/19/04 Windows glazed, horns, intake and exhaust added, and radiator guard installed - let's call it done!
3/22/04 Here is a box of tools to sit on the running board.  I am doing a similar one for the Egger Bahn.

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